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Hunter’s Challenge

A new shooting event has been created; called the Hunter’s Challenge and we are asking for your help. If you want to participate and help the club at the same time, bring a center-fire rifle and about 20 rounds of ammunition, preferably your deer hunting rifle to this Saturday’s BR Match. A full size deer silhouette has been set-up on the 200 Yd Range. You will be given the opportunity to fire on this true to life target from various distances from 200 yards to as close as 20 yards. When shooting, you will be asked to assume various typical hunting-firing positions. You will not have an opportunity to “sight-in” your rifle prior to this event. As in a “real life” scenario you will have a minimal amount of time to take your optimum position and estimate the amount of “hold over” (if any) for your best point of aim.


Shooting for the Hunter’s Challenge will begin as soon as you have finished the Bench Rest Match. I guarantee that you will have fun, and maybe learn more about your hunting rifle shooting ability, and maybe this event will help you get that deer this year. And this best part about this activity is that there is NO CHARGE.  All you will be asked to do is to critique the event. (You may want to bring more than 20 rounds)


If you have any questions, call Steve Plumhoff at 207-483-2725 any evening this week between about 6 to 7:30PM.