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22LR Benchrest Match Rules

22LR Benchrest Competition Rules


All rifles must have bolts removed or chamber flags in place at all times when not engaged in active competition and prior to removal from the firing line.  When target crew is downrange, no rifles will be allowed on benches.



There will be no loud talk or noise on or around the firing line during a match.


Rifle Classes

Unlimited Class – Unlimited scope, unlimited weight, any rest is legal.

13.5  Pound Class – Unlimited scope power, Gun and scope must weigh 13.5 pounds or under.

10.5 Pound Class – Unlimited scope power.  Gun and scope must weigh 10.5 pounds or under.

7.5 Pound Class – Rifle and scope must be 7.5 pounds or under.  Scope must be 6.5 power or under.  Variable scopes must be set at the legal power (6.5)

Semi-automatic Rifle Class – No restriction on scope power.  Must use original factory stock. Rifle must function in a semi-auto fashion at all times.



Wind Flags – wind flags may be used.

Sand Bags – Front rest must be topped with some form of sand bag.  Rear rest must be a sand bag with no adjustable or mechanical means.  The front and rear rests will not be connected to each other, the bench or the gun.

Benches – Drawing for bench and relay is required when space is limited.