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Summer is near …and that means, let the arrows fly!
The archery group in the PRFGCA teaches traditional archery to young people (ages 8 through 16) and adults, during June, July, and August, 2017.
  • Young people must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The group meets during 9-11 am at the clubhouse (at the 200 yd range), on June 3 and 17; July 1 and 22, 23 (at the Puckerbrush Gathering); and August 12 and 26. 

We also will be teaching archery during the club’s Field Day, in late September. We have recurve bows and longbows and peripheral equipment for students, and we shoot at official 3-foot targets, at aerial targets, and at a 15-target 3-D course situated in the field near the clubhouse.

For information, please email Stim Wilcox, at, or phone 207-255-3379.